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2010/11 Black Belt Competitor Rankings

on Tuesday 16 November 2010
by G. Cockburn author list print the content item create pdf file of the content item

Post English Championships - 27th February 2011

Final scores for the 2010-2011 circuit.

Points Name Association / School

13 (P8C5) J. Chow GTI Cheltenham
6 (P3C3) A. Atkinson GTUK Loughborough
6 (P3C3) M. Cadle ETA
6 (P3C3) Z. Espi ETA
6 (P2C4) A. Mashru Southern TKD
6 (P3C3) L. Spear BUTF
5 (P3C2) J. Aylott STA
5 (P2C3) S. Veman BUTF
4 (P1C3) T. Chow GTI Cheltenham
4 (P1C3) J. Cockburn GTI Telford
4 (P2C2) T. Huffadine GTI Wells
4 (P2C2) N. Smith ETA
4 (P2C2) M. Wedler STA
3 (C3) R. Bolt UTI
3 (P3) S. Kalcutt WMST
3 (P3) B. Slater GTI Chelmsford
2 (P1C1) S. Ali GTI Derby
2 (P2) G. Foster TSA
2 (P2) C. Mann GTI Basildon
2 (P2) R. Parris BUTF
2 (C2) M. Pernikis ETA
2 (P1C1) D. Stewart ETA
2 (C2) M. Westwood GTUK Loughborough
1 (C1) N. Ernest Cardiff TKD
1 (C1) D. Healy GTUK
1 (P1) S. King GTI Cheltenham
1 (P1) E. Kopan ETA
1 (P1) E. Kopan ETA
1 (P1) P. Morgan 1st Defence
1 (C1) F. Onawelho GTI N. London
1 (P1) G. Richardson GTI Basildon
1 (C1) N. Yeomans 1st Defence

13 (P8C5) F. Lane GTI Cheltenham
12 (P7C5 M. Kalcutt WMST
6 (P3C3) N. Howard TMA
6 (P3C3) C. Richardson Evolution
6 (P3C3) N. Turney WMST
5 (P3C2) G. Baldwin GTI Brentwood
5 (P2C3) S. West GTI Wells
3 (P1C2) R. Cairns WMST
5 (P2C3) L. Reynolds Rayners Ln. TKD
5 (P2C3) S. West GTI Wells
3 (P1C2) R. Cairns WMST
3 (P3) S. Wishart Warwick Uniiversity
2 (C2) H. Bush Cardiff TKD
2 (P2) B. Morgan 1st Defence
2 (P1C1) E. Ogden Raynors Ln TKD
1 (P1) D. Bright GTUK Loughborough


14 (P6C8) S. Cockburn GTI Telford
13 (P6C7) D. Connolly GTI N. London
9 (P3C6) T Everard Bromyard TKD
6 (P3C3) J. Dane GTI Derby
6 (P3C3) M. Hollow Evolution
6 (P3C3) F. Thomas TKDSOE
5 (P2C3) J. Cockburn GTI Telford
5 (P3C2) D. Turner UTI
4 (P3C1) R. Beard 1st Defence
4 (P2C2) C. Coughlan GTI Wells
4 (P2C2) R. Nightingale 1st Defence
4 (P2C2) L. Rowe STA
3 (P2C1) L. Newton NSFT
3 (P3) B. Slater GTI Chelmsford
3 (C3) D. Wilding BUTF
2 (P1C1) K. Ikram GTI N. London
2 (P1C1) R. Lam GTI Basildon
2 (P1C1) C. Lowe TKDSOE
2 (C2) L. Reeves GTI Andover
1 (C1) A. Morrice GTI Wells

16 (P9C7) K. Kalcutt WMST
6 (P4C2) S. Chapman WMST
5 (P2C3) B. Divers UTI
5 (P1C4) N. Hilton ETA
5 (P3C2) E. Thorndike GTI Basildon
5 (P3C2) V. Turner UTI
4 (P2C2) R. Elley UTI
4 (P1C3) A. Keene 1st Defence
3 (P2C1) J. Onipede GTI N. London
2 (C2) J. Docherty STA
2 (P2) J. Gomer WMST
2 (P2) S. Pates WMST
1 (P1) A. Ellis STA


3 A. Atkinson GTUK Loughborough
3 B. England MWTA
3 C. Mann GTI Basildon
2 J. Aylott WMST
2 B. Lapthorn BLSTA
2 J. Newman GTI Truro
1 R. Bolt UTI
1 N. Morris GTI Bridgnorth
1 B. Slater GTI Chelmsford

6 G. Baldwin GTI Brentwood
5 F. Lane GTI Cheltenham
3 R. Ernest Cardiff TKD
3 N. Howard TMA
1 S. West GTI Wells

4 D. Wilding BUTF
3 M. Hollow Evolution
3 R. Lam GTI Basildon
3 B. Slater GTI Chelmsford
2 J. Cockburn GTI Telford
2 C. Dennis ETA
2 C. Turner TMA
1 D. Turner UTI
1 J. Turney WMSTA

6 K. Kalcutt WMST
5 N. Hilton ETA
3 A. Ellis STA
2 S. Chapman WMST
2 J. Docherty STA
2 E. Thorndike GTI Basildon