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Cornish Taekwondo Championships 2012
Tournaments - Cornish Taekwondo Championships 2012
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Competitor of the Year Awards - 2008
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Instructors Training Course London 2011
Seminars/ Courses - Instructors Training Course London 2011
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Competitor of the Year Awards - 2002
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Category: Global Taekwondo International Schools (13)
Bandong Ryok Taekwondo
Full ITF taekwondo syllabus, GTI based school offering traditional Taekwondo realistic applied self defence
Braintree TKD
Family based Tae Kwon Do club.
Elite Tae Kwon-Do Academy
Elite TKD Academy offers classes for Men, Women & Children of all ages. Family Fun Atmosphere
Essex TKD
Website for Basildon & Chelmsford GTI clubs
Excalibur Martial Arts
GTI based school located in Bridgnorth which adds to the traditional Tae Kwon Do Syllabus with a variety of Applied Technique drills, Nunchuku, Bo Staff, Grappling etc
GTI Camborne
Camborne Tae Kwon-Do Academy, Pool, Cornwall
GTI Cheltenham
Family Friendly Martial Arts Training
GTI Cornwall
Cornwall GTI schools and events website
GTI Droitwich
To contact us online email: gti_tkd_droitwich© or call Mr Wayne Lewis on 07967790369
GTI Truro
Truro Tae Kwon-Do Academy, Cornwall
North London Tae Kwon Do
full GTI/ITF Taekwondo syllabus and lots of fun based in Leytonstone NE London. Free trial period
Spartan Taekwondo-Do Academy of Self Defence and Martial Arts
tuition in Brentwood and Ingatestone, Essex. We can meet all of your training needs!
Wells Ch'ang-Hon Taekwon-Do School
GTI school based in North Somerset. Chief Instructor Mr J Burgess.
Category: Friends of the GTI (2)
Official GTI Facebook Group
NEW!! - join in all the facebookery malark, invite your friends, events will be posted here too.
Reflex Products
prefered supplier of equipment to the GTI