Black Belt Rankings Table

Black Belt Rankings

Black Belt Competitor Awards Circuit
Eight National Competitions Over Two Years
Eight Awards
Sparring: Men  - Ladies - Boys - Girls
Patterns:  Men - Ladies - Boys - Girls

How the points are awarded.

Gold – 3 Silver – 2 Bronze – 1
After the final event of the season those shown at the top of each division win the GTI Best Black Belt Competitor Award. A joint award will be given if two competitors tie. No award is given if three or more competitors at the top of the table have the same score and therefore there is no outright winner. When two or more competitors have the same amount of points then they are listed on the table in alphabetical order by surname.
*NB. Points will not be awarded in the event of a competitor gaining a medal by default and therefore not had a competitive match in their division. Points are not awarded in the Veterans divisions.
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